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Painter Ramon Casas is considered to be the father of Catalan Modernism and the real pride of his people. From early youth Ramona heart was filled with love of freedom, therefore 11 years, he left school and began to study painting, attending private lessons.

He was born during the so-called second industrial revolution, when the first railway line in Catalonia, a brand new banking system is rapidly developing textile industry. Simultaneously develop national culture, returning to the everyday life of the Catalan language.

All these changes are consistent with modernism - progressive style that emerged in Paris in the late nineteenth century. Ramon Casas, modern and dynamic master becomes the unofficial chronicler of his time. He was an exceptional artist who created a series of portraits of prominent contemporaries - Barcelona elite, Madrid and Paris. Innate ability to artistic expression and ease of drawing Casas contributed to the success in Europe and America.

In Barcelona, ​​the artist with your friends Rusinolem, Papa Romeo and Miguel Utrillo opens cafe "4 Cat", reminiscent of Parisian cabaret "Black Cat", and where was the first exhibition of Picasso.

Casas was slightly different from the men of his time, which is usually shared two passions - a taste for novels with beautiful ladies and enthusiasm jumps. Second addicted artist exchanged for cycling and car. In our 40 s bourgeois Casas fell in love with 18-year-old lottery ticket saleswoman Julia Pereira, it became a favorite model of the artist. Their relationship caused a fierce opposition of the artist of the family, and only through 16 years they were married.

In the seaside town Sitches in the Museu de Maricel de Sitges Ramon Casas, an exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of his death, where about 200 artist's works, including his best portraits, advertising posters and paintings that reflect the era of the author.

The exhibition will take place before the 19 February ticket costs 10 €.

Museum Address: Fonollar Street, s / n, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona. The museum works with 10 a.m. to 17-00 all days except Monday.

Ramon Casas The Rest Of Cyclists 2x

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