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This Sunday on the beach Barceloneta will gather all the true connoisseurs of vintage, antiques and other interesting stuff from my grandmother, and not only the chests. There will be the next release, perhaps the most artistically Barcelona flea market Lost & Found Market. Sophisticated hipsters, designers, decorators, hardcore fashionistas and avid art Party People - Lost & Found collects all!

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Market "Loss and Found" is not just a boring rows of stalls with all contents suburban pantries, where only with great luck you can find something really interesting. Even a stroll along twined vintage racks and tables, so you do not buy anything, the time you spend here is excellent, we guarantee it. This time for hungry visitors to Lost & Found will arrange a real gastronomic fair with the famous butifarrami from "Mr. Frank and the butis "и мексиканской кухней" La Cocina throbs ". All this will be accompanied by refreshing drinks and light beach music from young DJs in Barcelona. And for those who want to experiment with the appearance on bloshinka will work hairdresser "RV".

If you have come here not for the parties, but "on the case", then pay attention to vintage records, bicycles, cameras, comics and books. Clothes, accessories and all kinds of furniture here too will abound. In addition, this time Lost & Found is a new project "Original Souvenir": a collection of bags and T-shirts with prints handmade, as well as posters with illustrations by Ana Albero.

Come not regret it, you will find a great Sunday afternoon in an amazing company!

Адрес: Plaza del Mar (beach of San Sebastian, Barceloneta)

Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 evening

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