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Today 11 September Catalonia celebrated the most patriotic day of the year. All nationalists and freedom fighters take to the streets, red and yellow Catalan flags fluttered everywhere, farmers sell sausage Fouette best quality, wine from porron flowing river. true, if you planned shopping, Remember. All shops and gosucherezhdeny do not work today.

National Day of Catalonia (Diada Nacional de Catalunya) - celebrated annually 11 September to commemorate the anniversary of the end of the siege of Barcelona 1714 year - the last battle of the War of the Spanish Succession, which turned to a loss of autonomy of the Catalans.

In our 1980 the Government of Catalonia to reactivate the (Generalitat) declared 11 September National Day of Catalonia.

The Catalans have always expressed their desire to be independent. Among the Catalan people have and ardent nationalists, there are sympathizers, and there are those, who would like to stay in the Spanish kingdom. For 11 September happening diverse political actions, demonstrate, concerts and festive events. Many citizens of Barcelona cling to clothing strips with national symbols, wear red and yellow T-shirts with the inscription "Catalonia - not Spain!" and cover themselves in flags. National flag tied around their necks even pets.

After laying flowers at several locations in the center of a roll of drums and the shrill sound of the flute festive demonstrations, involving thousands of people in Catalonia, still do not lose hope, again that Catalonia becomes an independent state, not only from Barcelona, but also in other provinces - from Girona, Leïdı, Tarragona.

The epicenter of celebrations - Plaça Catalunya and the square in front of the Arc de Triomphe. There are organized for the participants of the tent, where you can buy T-shirts and flags with national symbols, beer and soft drinks. There you set the stage and held free concerts.

This year it was decided to coincide with the holiday of a large-scale flashmob. still they, who dreams of independence, construct giant human chain in the shape of a letter V at the Barcelona streets Diagonal and the Gran Via. Merges the virtual character will be on the area of ​​Glories. People will be dressed in red or yellow T-shirts, to top living chain looked like Catalan flag. More 500 thousands of people have already signed up to participate in this event. Letter V symbolizes the word Via Catalana (Catalan Way), Victoria (Victory) and Votar (vote). She decided to build in the symbolic time 17-14. The idea of ​​beautiful, but many see it as a problem for traffic, after cutting off half a day two of the main transport arteries of the city, great chance to create big problems for cars traffic. be ready, that approximately 14-00 to 20-00 move around the city will not be easy. This is best done on foot.


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