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Как насладиться атмосферой Нью-Йорка, не покидая Барселоны? Оказывается, есть способ переместиться в Бруклин и отведать лучшее, что предлагает американский мегаполис. If you love New York, be sure to check out the crowd or brunch in a trendy Barcelona hotel Corner. To 16 December here are afterworks event, brunch and jazz concerts.

Hurry up, you have the opportunity to taste the most delicious Egg Sandwich by Chef Sunday in Brooklyn, which has three Michelin stars. All of the most popular dishes of American breakfast and marriage in the center of Barcelona. Pastrami black cod, Pancake with praline hazelnut. As for drinks - cocktails will prepare professionals from the bar Dante, who was recognized as one of the best institutions of the Big Apple. And all concerts and shows on the shoulders of Blue Note Jazz Club, one of the most famous clubs in the world, opened in New York in 1981 in upper Raval.

Brunches are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-00 to 16-00. average cost 20 € per person.

Адрес: Corner Hotel, Carrer de Mallorca, 178

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