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Sometimes it feels, that favorite Spanish tradition of siesta sleep did not come because of the hot climate, but because of the inability to do anything after their inherent abundant and nutritious lunch. All, that remains after such a gorgeous meal, roll it to the sofa, benches in the park or the nearest beach, to nap for an hour the other.

"Menu del dia" - is something like a business lunch or dinner, complex. Only portions often huge, and hardly a word business is appropriate, continue to work after two hot dishes, dessert and a couple glasses of wine evaporates, in its place comes the desire of another kind, Disconnect from all, give yourself a sound sleep in the sun.

Time period, where you can order lunch "menu del dia", limited. Most often, this lunch you can try c 13-00 to 16-00 and only on weekdays. Many restaurants offer special weekend, a more expensive version of the menu del dia. But most of the institutions on Saturday and Sunday lunch, there is simply no comprehensive. Dishes must be ordered separately from the general menu.

Menu del dia changes daily, a choice of 3 or 4 version of the first dishes, the second and dessert. For the first usually offered different salads, soups and snacks, and the second dishes of meat, poultry or fish. On Thursdays, traditionally served paella. The drink and bread are also included in the price. You can order wine or beer, some restaurants bring you a whole bottle of wine even on one, Caution, do not drink it all, and then fall asleep right in the restaurant.

The range of menu del dia is usually written in chalk on a special board at the entrance to the restaurant. In any case, ask your waiter about it - "Hay menu del dia?". The average cost of dinner by 10 to 15 €.

Where in Barcelona serves these magical lunch? Read below.


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