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This Sunday, Barcelona will find themselves in a while teleporting to India. And not just in India, but in colorful traditional festival, full of colorful paints celebration of Holi. It is believed that this is the brightest holiday in the world.

Festival of flowers, typical of India, has become in recent years a cultural phenomenon that has crossed boundaries to come to Barcelona.

Holi Festival - music Punjabi, fun dancing in Bollywood-style, delicious Indian food and beverages, as well as the launch of colored powder. We recommend that you arrive in a white t-shirt, you do not mind. Starting colors will be celebrated three times - in 12-30, 14-30 and 17-00. You can buy for a couple of euro bags of paint at the festival.

Holi celebrates the arrival of spring. Its origins date back to the religious rites, bringing a good harvest. This festival celebrates all Hindu population, irrespective of caste.

In Barcelona, ​​the festival will take place 12 April, 11-00 a.m. to 17-30

Location: Avenida Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer, или метро Montbau Horta.

the entrance is free

Holi Festival

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