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This weekend, with 27 by 29 in June, the streets of Barcelona will become brighter: the traditional red and yellow colors of the Catalan banners lost in bright rainbow flags and kissing couples nearly all of the same sex will. In Barcelona will host one of the largest gay festivals in Europe. And no matter what you are targeting, parties will be so fun to miss them you may not.

The program for the weekend multicolored extensive: foam parties, contests transvestite burlesque shows, sporting events, the best DJs and, most importantly, the largest gay pride parade with a final celebration on the Plaza of Spain.

Friday 27 June

21: 00 - Queen transvestite contest with performances already recognized trance star El Regreso de la Década, Chiqui Martí, Romántico Latino, Frank Romero and Garson. this year, the Queen will take with them 1 000 € VIP and takes place on the Saturday parade. Место действия: Avenida Maria Cristina.

23: 00 - Foam party, accompanied by sets of Muerta Sánchez, Sita Moore and Nuria Swan. Special guests and Sergio Cuho Dkuba. Место действия: Avenida Maria Cristina.

00: 00 - Night Malicious cabaret El Molino. Regular club DJ Dani Masi and Juseph Leon will make this gender mystery singer Pelopony. Venue: El Molino (Av. Villain and villain, 99). input 15 €, drink included.

Saturday 28 June

09: 00 - Marathon on Montjuic. The participants of the race will have to overcome 5 km distance in support of freedom of expression and equality for all. There is also a mini-route especially for children - all 1 km. Место действия: Avenida Maria Cristina.

18: 00 - The sixth annual gay pride parade in Barcelona. The procession starts from the Metro Parallel, Parallel passes across the street and ends at the Plaza of Spain in 20:00 …

… 20: 00 - Home party the festival, accompanied by DJs such as Whigfield, Nalaya Brown, Lolita Jolie, Galisteo, Rebeca Moss and Ainoha. Venue: Plaza de España

23: 30 - Lesbian disco in the "Spanish village" La Melon arranges a special party in honor of the festival, not only for its regular guests, but also for all lovers of good line-up. Here in this night are: Noe Gy, Rebeca Rubio and Yolanda Yols. Место действия: Plaza Mayor, 9 (Poble Espanyol). input 10-12 €, drink included.

Sunday 29 June

11: 00 - Starts fashion fair in the unconventional area of ​​Barcelona's Eixample Left, GayEixample. Venue: between C / Casanova and C / Villarroel parallel streets

12: 00 - Amusement Park at Tibidabo involved in the festival in their own way: in the LGBT community and the Festival office can receive a voucher for a 50 percent discount on the entrance fee. Офис фестиваля: Council, 163.

19: 00 - charity party in Apolo under the sweet name of "churros with chocolate". Log all 3 €, but they will go to the Foundation for AIDS. Be prepared for a variety of gifts and prizes. Место действия: Nou de la Rambla, 113.

19: 00 - Star party in the Sant Jordi Club. All celebrity, one way or another participated in the festival, to continue their night in the end will come here. A grand party with the support of DJs such as Crawford & Pepino and Mateo Franjo.

We wish you exciting weekend!


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