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Every Thursday and Sunday 6 July to 16 August, all interested persons are invited to a series of free screenings in the open air. This festival takes place in Barcelona for the fourth time and is called the "Cinema libre a la playa".

Right on the beach near the sea set the big screen, the audience bring sarongs, food, drinks and conveniently placed right on the sand. After the movie, you can swim in the sea, you see, it's much nicer standard Movies.

Videos from past events

Home in 21-00. You will be music performances, short film and then, and then the film. Come early to get the best seats right in front of the screen.

The festival will feature both Spanish and Catalan and acclaimed films of other countries. Films are broadcast in the original language with Spanish subtitles. The program can be viewed here.

Location: beach of San Sebastia, right on the beach of Barceloneta. Прямо напротив спортивного клуба-Barceloneta Athletics Swimming. the entrance is free.

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