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From 14 by 18 April, an hour's drive from Barcelona will host a festival Own Spirit. The event is arranged for the second year in a row and pleases all fans of psychedelic music and non-standard techniques for healing and disclosure of consciousness.

Own Spirit is aimed at people with a new world view, where love, unity and respect exist in harmony with nature. The main mission of the festival is to enrich the spirit through music, dance, feelings and emotions. For its holding idyllic spot was chosen - an old manor house, lost in the Catalan mountains. Clean air and the correct vibration away from the bustle of the city and.

At two venues Festival non-stop will sound different styles of music - dub, ambient, experimental sound, downtempo, psychedelic rock, psytechno, darkprogressive, and also in the lineup a lot of the choir's singing and playing various instruments live. All perform at the festival 40 DJs and will be held 30 concerts.

Line Up DJ


Apart from the dance floor will be working space Conscient Family, which will host seminars and workshops to enhance the relationship between parents and children through a variety of games and fun techniques to the smallest festival participants could also learn and have fun, expanding your consciousness.

The main space of the festival is called "Healing Area", which you will remember and be strong in the belief that the divine within us, and will be able to feel the power of healing energy. There will be held a variety of engineering and soul healing the body, it can be done through music, dance, meditation, massages, etc.. You are waiting for four days of amazing experiences and discoveries. Welcome to the most unusual festival of Catalonia Own Spirit.

Video from last year's festival

Ticket for all days of the festival worth 68 €

You can buy it HERE.

At the entrance ticket will cost 80 €

You can come with a tent and set it free on the festival. There is a parking area, showers and toilets. Home in 9 in the morning 14 April until the 16-00 18-April.

Location: Masia Mas Gras, 08262 Callús, Barcelona

8376 947740318613060 5206796531043321266 N

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