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Как бы сложилась эта поездка без помощи Вероники?! Трудно представить. Initially, we were looking for where a delicious dinner in Barcelona, but the first link on the desired topic to us led us to the site Happy in Spain. Cursorily examine it, we decided to, that how many interesting things in Barcelona, not just simply walk to photograph the sights, plus, which will fall on the way and dinner at a nice restaurant. There are lots of interesting things, that is worthy of attention and to give rest periods, чтобы он получился незабываемый☺️ Вероника! Она всё сделала чтобы каждый день был на пять баллов и по культурным мероприятиям и удивительным ресторанам, which can only be consulted by man, who knows the city inside and out! Once again, my applause and thank you very much this nice, good, responsive, girl for your time, good mood and attention given to us, I did not expect to get !!! I hope you do not say goodbye, Veronica!

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