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When we came to Barcelona we needed an extraordinary walking: not only an interesting historical experience, but also underground bars for locals, secret locations - we would like to see a natural Barcelona's soul. Verónica did her best for us and even more: a lot of usefulest advices was got and a lot of fun was earned. Huge thanks to you, Veronica! Thank you very much!

Thank you very much)
It was very interesting to me, easy and cool in Barcelona)
To ride bikes, walk, listen, see and enjoy the beauty) and even to drink kava;)
You're the type of person, который может "рассказать" Барселону. I will advise you to friends. See you!

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delicious, soulful and interesting walk to Veronica! This was our third trip to Barcelona, in the past for many that have examined, because like, that surprised us and showed it, why do not we find ourselves. And it happened!

From beginning unreal tasty and cognitive (including) a walk through Bokeria. Here is a direct gastronomic ecstasy! Veronica told interesting facts about some of the products and introduced us closer with all sorts of marine reptiles, that we do not know to know before. we - delighted with oysters and omelette, children - from the most delicious juices and zemlyanichki! Then we moved towards the beautiful mountain villages. On the way there Veronica told many things about unbanal Barcelona: about the life of local and visiting, their habits, orders, etc.. Villages were very nice, особенно запомнился "канатный" мост над горной рекой и цветшие деревья повсюду. Croissant from the local baker and vermouth were beautiful! Next was a program for children - lunch in a restaurant with mini-farm, where you can take a look and chat with pony, ostriches, donkey and other wildlife. Generally, Walk a success! Veronica finally passed we tested recipes tar-tare with tuna and artichokes, which by the end turned out excellent! If you still look at Barca, I would have liked to have walked with Veronica again! It is seen, that she enjoys walking, but because they are twice as nice..

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Thank you very much for a very interesting Veronica, informative, beautiful and well-organized excursion to Montserrat, for a family dinner in a cozy rustic restaurant. We got great pleasure from communicating with you. Yours faithfully, Skums family.

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Хочу поблагодарить Веронику за помощь в организации сюрприза для моей сестры в День Рождения! Именно такие моменты остаются в памяти на всю жизнь) Сестра была в восторге от пикника-сюрприза в саду кактусов на Монжуик!

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dear Veronica, thank you very much for the wonderful weekend spent in Barcelona! Only because of your love for this country, your energy, we managed to fall in love with this city, and Spain and so many places to visit.

The thrill of the Sagrada Familia, whether, Old Town will remain for a long time in our memories, as well as a walk at sunset on the mountain of Montserrat, and a visit to the cozy, tasty rustic restaurant and fish market for stories Veronica. The perfect finale to our trip this shamanic oysters in the morning the little park the envy of all passers-by, I left the delightful sensation.

We will be glad to return to Barcelona and still with Veronica to visit new beautiful places !!

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My friends and I prefer extreme entertainment. This year active rest decided in Barcelona. Every day had one extreme entertainment. One of such entertainment was climbing on the mountain of Montserrat. Long could not organize a raid in the mountains, until he came to Veronica.

Work Veronica is a pleasure - agreed on the date and time - we were greeted by our apartment, took the place, We drank coffee and drove to conquer the mountain! no hitches, no misunderstandings - all clear, quickly and on time. Instructor, which brought us Veronica, is a professional in the business, It has a powerful charisma and has a great sense of humor. Generally, we "ran" to the great company, which made our day the best, that we had in Spain.

We are pleased to be entrusted Veronica organization of extreme entertainment in the future. Thank you, that has been with us and decorated our day!

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Greetings , Dear travelers!

We were lucky, that Barcelona was able to learn with the help of Veronica.

Her contacts I found through a blog on YouTube, I immediately liked her approach to the tour program.

We are in Barcelona, for the second time, and I confess, that walk around the city with a local, plus visiting specific places, who prefer, very good.

I learned a lot from Veronica about the history of Barcelona, about the customs of local residents, architecture.

She was always at ease answering all the questions, He advises how to spend time in the evening, where to go for a walk with the baby and where to eat.

I'll be very happy, if Veronica will develop their work in new directions of tourism.

Thank you very much to you for Veronica to see Barcelona!

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Вероника просто супер! Нам очень понравилась "ее" Барселона! Очень познавательно и интересно! Можно смело рекомендовать!
PS. If we once again in Barcelona, the Veronica)

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For the third time in Barcelona, but so many interesting places, a cafe, bars and restaurants as Veronica knows knows no guide! Thank you so much for relaxing on the terrace and in the hotel, for attention and care, no tour company did not devote so much time !!! How many wonderful informative and interesting site , at the same rate all the fun was in place. The next trip to Barcelona or the only part of Spain with Veronica, What I advise friends and all, will not regret)

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