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This Thursday, at the old brewery Estrella Damm will be a presentation of the documentary film "BCN Rise & Fall", perhaps one of the most controversial topics in Barcelona spiritualized society - STREET ART. In addition to cultural and artistic bohemia young people here can meet the legends of Barcelona street art, such as Aleix Gordo, El Pez, Xupet Negre, Dixon. And the main thing, of course, the film - fascinating pictures painted streets of Barcelona during the last 15 years. A nice bonus - beer from a recognized sponsor.

Street art in Barcelona has long been a free youth religion or, at least, lifestyle. There is hardly a street from gotichesokogo quarter up to the outskirts, where not even walked spray and brush of street artists. Once upon a time it is not necessary: ​​it is sometimes banal frazochki teens assert themselves, and sometimes - true works of art that could easily collect a crowd of fans in one of the most successful contemporary art galleries worldwide. Many of these masterpieces has long been hidden under layers of paint new works, unfortunately, not always the same successful as the previous ones. To do this, and there was "BCN Rise & Fall". Aleix Gordo artist and director Gustavo López Lacalle decided to tell and show how he lived in Barcelona street art since its "golden age" to the present day. The film raised a lot of documentary footage, interviews of famous street artists, virtual tours and other interesting details of street art in the past 15 years.

Interestingly, the relationship of Barcelona street art and urban authorities during this time more than once jumped from the deep love to the fierce hatred. Today the situation has returned to "sweep" the city. Those few crisis means that there is in the city budget, are, in particular, and to clean up the city walls of "rock art". I sincerely believe in their deliberate use. How else to live without the famous Barcelona will pay off with a colorful balloon in Raval, a huge money sharks near Carmel hopper and futuristic composition with a chair in the wall in the Born district. For many, in fact the main purpose of a walk - to capture these amazing scenes of the city.

English subtitles for the film attached.

Movie Trailer

Фабрика Estrella Damm: c / Rossello, 515

Thursday, 5 February 19:00.

the entrance is free.

Graffiti Barcelonalos Chordidel Dedicated Fan L 2kjmvW

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