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Barcelona beautiful any time of year, Just a week ago, there was +20, and some even managed to open the swimming season. But it is rather exception to the rule, Still in the midst of winter, means, that the glass with ice kava should look for an alternative to more warming.

The guys from the company Bebelona took care of it. For 11,99 € You can order them website service delivery grog or mulled wine in a thermos, which remains in a gift. On you will find a thermos drink recipes in Spanish and English, then to mix up sogrevayusche-relaxing home beverages. And, you can order a refill thermos of 4,99 € delivery for 2,99 €, or call in on refueling point itself and there to fill your thermos.

From now on, you have no reason to complain about the cold. Thermos of delicious mulled wine or grog from Bebelona company will maintain body heat and at the highest level mood.


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