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St. George's Day for Barcelona - a very symbolic and one of the most favorite holidays. Every year 23 April marks the Day of Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia. This festival is the Catalan version of Valentine's Day, Valentine's Day, so in this warm spring day Barcelona envelops the spirit of romance.

The history of the holiday is associated with a beautiful legend begins in the IV century. According to legend in the small Catalan town of Mont terrified the locals evil dragon. To appease the anger of the inhabitants of the monster every day had to sacrifice the jewels, animals and even humans. Once the lot fell on the king's daughter and to save her, the king offered his hand and heart to the Princess, who will win the dragon. St. George fought with the monster and beat him with his spear. At the place where blood was spilled rose garden of roses and the most beautiful of them are presented to the Princess Saint George.

According to ancient tradition, from the XV century to this day, it decided to give the beloved women a rose and a book for men. Tradition also donate books associated with the memory of the great Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes, who died 23 April 1616 of the year. And 1926 year in Catalonia carried out the traditional book fairs. date 23 April has become a symbolic and outside of Catalonia, when 1995 , UNESCO declared this day, the World Day of Book and Copyright.

Today in Barcelona every year in the city of St. George's Day is becoming one of the most beautiful and romantic places. On the day of books, roses and love Barcelona is buried in flowers, and held book fairs in the central streets.

Read more about St. George:

St. George - patron of Catalonia, the Christian martyr from a rich family of landowners. Born at the end of 3 century in Cappadocia. He was a Roman military and under his command were 1000 guests. George openly professed Christianity and opposed the persecution of Christians.

In Catalonia, the cult of veneration of St. George begins in the X century in the areas Rippoes (Ripolles), later in Bages (Bages), and in a few years reached Aragon.

The cult of St. George is becoming popular in the conquest of the Balearic Islands and Barcelona in about 900 years, but only in the XIII century gains widespread popularity due to the Crusades.

"The Cross of St. George" is a special sign of respect for the Catalans, who Dzheniralitet Catalonia (supreme administrative authority of the Board), awards for outstanding service to the country.

"The Cross of St. George" and its flag are depicted on the emblem of Barcelona and on the arms of football club "Barcelona".

St. George Palace is the most beautiful and emblematic of Catalonia Palace of sports. There are carried out a variety of sports, cultural and social events. This sports palace was rebuilt and inaugurated during the celebration of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, 1992 in upper Raval.

St. George Award is an important literary awards for writers.

FROM 1200 the year began to celebrate the feast of St. George by 23 April.

In our 1456 , the Catalan Parliament declared the Holy GeorgiyaPokrovitelem Catalan lands.

Vilyam Shekspir, the great English writer, has died 23 April 1616 in upper Raval.

Giuseppe Pla (Josep Pla), a famous Catalan writer died 23 April 1981 in upper Raval

Miguel de Cervantes died 23 April 1616 in upper Raval. In his famous work Cervantes mentions Catalonia, when Don Quixote is sent to the printer in Barcelona.

Гарсиласо де ла Вега (Garcilaso de Vega) родился 23 April 1502 in upper Raval.

Vladimir Nabokov was born 23 April 1899 in upper Raval.

Manuel Mejía Vallejo (Manuel Mejia Vallejo) was born 23 April 1923 in upper Raval.

Beginning with 1926 of the year 23 April mark the Catalan holiday, holding book fairs.

In our 1995 adopted by UNESCO 23 April World Day of Book and Copyright.

St. George is also the patron of Geneva, Georgia, Greece, England, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal and Serbia.

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