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The Spanish word bodega represents not only a wine cellar, but also a special shop or a bar, where a selection of wines, vermouth, champagne, and a variety of snacks. You can come here to skip for a glass of wine or buy a.

New places where you can eat and drink outside the Parliament occur constantly, but blames Bodega has long been a classic destination for weekend morning aperitif. To be honest, and also weekday. It is an open space without doors with a small room and barrels, followed by nice to sit and watch the colorful Barcelona youth. A glass of wine here costs 2 €, in pies menu, donuts from cod pintxos and canapés. In the morning, on weekends there is always a crowd at the entrance and all about cash.

But the most remarkable, if Sunday came, and you do not have time to buy wine at kakoe-libo event, it is not necessary to go to the Pakistanis and to overpay for not very tasty wine in Bodega blames a chic selection of wines in bottles and on tap. For example, you can buy a liter of delicious Rioja by the glass for 2 € or white wine of 1,4 €. The real paradise for those who love tasty wine, but not willing to spend too much.

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Average check: €€
Address: Parliament Street, 27
Metro station: Sant Antoni, Poble Sec
Phone: +34 934 429 657
Working hours:

Every day from 10 a.m. to 14-00, afternoon with 17-30 to midnight. On Sunday 10 a.m. to 16-00.

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