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The best spot to practice SAT wakeboard in Barcelona is located on the beach in Montgat 15 minutes from Barcelona and is called Wake park Malamar. He deservedly recognized as one of the best parks in Europe veyk. There are two reverse and a wide variety of shapes, for beginners, and for pro-riders.

On the territory there is also a restaurant in the «beach club» style with a beautiful terrace, where you can have a drink and a tasty snack. It is often played by DJs and concerts are held on Fridays and Saturdays. The atmosphere is very pleasant and relaxed, if you're in the surf club in California. Someone riding a wakeboard, someone just resting, Plus you can always go the narrow path in the sea and zanyrnut.

Promo Video park

cost of Check one lasting 15 minutes - 17 €, or subscription for 5 Check-in 75 €

Installation of the park in an artificially created lake of sea water:

Ollie Box

Skate Box


2 Kickers

Pipe System

Here get better at Renfe train from the center to Montgat station (15 minutes), or cycling along the beach from the center (40 minutes).

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Average check: €€
Address: Maso Street Barrau, Proxim
Phone: +34 685 308 670
Working hours:

all the year round, better schedule, please call. All the children speak English

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