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Появилось желание обновить гардероб или привезти из Барселоны друзьям и родственникам оригинальные презенты и самые вкусные деликатесы? Ищите особенный подарок или свадебное платье? Увлекаетесь музыкой и хотите найти редкие пластинки или купить испанскую гитару? Ваша страсть – винтажная посуда, необычная бижутерия, керамика или уникальный парфюм?

We are often asked where to buy in Barcelona, ​​the best wine, ham, souvenirs, shoes, porcelain Lladro, yeah whatever ...

Shopping tour of Happy in Spain is a relaxed day, without haste and stress, we start with a glass of cava and oysters, followed by a boost of energy of coffee and go to the most interesting shops in town to choose for you the best household goods and things of local and world famous designers.

Shopping in Barcelona can be very democratic, middle, and, of course, the most luxurious. It all depends on your desires and budget. We will visit not only trendy boutiques and popular today as concept-stores, but authentic and colorful shops with a long history, in which the beautiful interiors, fragrances and special products. Shopping in Barcelona authentic, shopping becomes a journey through time and brings a lot of pleasure.

With stops in the picturesque cafes and restaurants, we will combine shopping with a tasting of Spanish tapas, wine and vermouth. And in the evening, when we buy everything you need, you can treat yourself to a little - relax and unwind in the spa, to fill a new tattoo, or change the style of a professional hairdresser.

Cost of the tour on 100 €

188+189 B
Phone: +34 675 323 976
Working hours:

Tours can be arranged on any day except Sunday

cost: 100 €

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