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It is impossible to break away from the Barcelona showcase confectionery Chök, those who do better with willpower, it will drag on their more greedy for sweet friends. We, in turn, advised not to deprive yourself of pleasure and taste the local sweets, because they really are worth it.

The main treat is all kinds of confectionery "Kronaty", so popular in New York City. Kronut this newfangled hybrid of Donat and croissant. Round puff pastry with icing on the top and a variety of fillings. The range in the window kronatov Chök so beautiful that I want to try everything at once. It is difficult to choose between the toppings of strawberries, cream Catalana, pistachios, white chocolate and passion fruit. Large kronat is here 4 €, and the small 3 €. There are several options for vegans.

Kronaty is only a small part of the overall abundance of products that the chocolate factory. Chocolates, truffles, pasta, cupcakes, cakes, cones with toppings. There is even a chocolate beer. You can go inside, take one of the tables, serves coffee to sweet, but often buy sweets here with a takeaway or a gift favorite, by the way, take away the packaging is very stylish and beautiful. In Barcelona two confectionery Chök openly, both close to the Plaza Catalunya.

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Average check: €€€
Address: Carrer del Carme, 3 или Ramelleres Street, 26
Metro station: Liceu, Catalonia
Phone: +34 933 042 360
Working hours:

Every day from 8 a.m. to 21-00

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