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Everyone who lives in Barcelona and speaks in Russian, it is possible to "pump" and change yourself for the better on the physical, mental and emotional level.

"Super Heroes Training Team" is training for body and spirit, Formula reloading the whole biosystem organism. This nutrition program and training, aimed at achieving maximum results and improvement of the whole body. This intense and rich program.

The innovative method is based on an integrated approach which includes:

  • Developed by experts, the system of balanced living food
  • comprehensive development of the body system (physical indicators, plastic, flexible)
  • The development of consciousness (professional communication skills and personal effectiveness)
  • The development of awareness (spiritual and mental practice, work with the inner world)

The course will enable you to:

  1. Make your body functional, flexible and more perfect!
  2. Clear your body of toxins
  3. Guaranteed to lose weight (from 4 to 12)
  4. To gain willpower, energy, love of self and the surrounding world
  5. Challenge yourself, having the opportunity to express themselves in different contexts ...
  6. You will be strong muscles, strength, endurance, relief
  7. Defined press, ass, tighten and rejuvenate the entire body
  8. You will learn how to overcome himself, and hence any difficulties
  9. You will be much happier and Cheerful
  10. Become disciplined and organized

You go through more than one program, and six at the same time:

  • Losing excess weight
  • The growth of awareness and personal effectiveness
  • Rejection of bad habits
  • energy growth
  • The introduction of the intuitive power system
  • Increased metabolic rate

Way Superhero:

  • Personal interview with the curator (creating personal card of the hero)
  • Full medical examinations (including laboratory tests)
  • Writing to one of the groups (morning / evening)
  • Once the group recruited - her assigned supervisor
  • "START PARTY" - enchanting holiday by the sea, which will tell you the basic rules of the project and will provide all the necessary background information
  • Further sessions will be held at the clinic three times a week, all classes last one o'clock

First day: Training of personal growth (in a group or individually)

Second day: Functional training (stretching, yoga, circuit training, strength training, «open air gym»)

The third day: Culinary workshops and drawing up the menu for the week, taking into account the individual characteristics of each character

In between classes you relax from the group exercise and perform simple but effective homework


  1. Designated Group limited (each no more than 5 persons)
  2. Unfortunately, there are a number of people, which we can not accept the group, among them:
  • Those who are at any stage of pregnancy and lactation period
  • If you have back problems (exacerbated by the pain of a herniated disc)
  • Post-traumatic or degenerative degenerative joint problems
  • Serious heart problems
  • Limitation of locomotor functions

!!! Live food implies a complete rejection of animal products (meat, milk, eggs), products containing chemical additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, also ruled out the thermal treatment products. The transition to this type of food is carried out gradually and thoughtfully, taking into account the individual characteristics of each backup group member.

Important information:

  • Cost of training in a group of 35 € per week (Lectures and workshops with the participation of invited guests paid separately)
  • Classes are held on the basis of Russian clinic in Barcelona (except «open air gym»)
  • All classes are taught by a certified psychotherapist, a specialist in the field of naturopathic medicine and nutrition, triathlete - Feldman Timur
  • Rooms for each type of training, equipped with everything necessary

Writing for an interview by email or phone +34 606 24 60 77

Odincovo Sport
Address: street Biscay 357, ent.3
Metro station: Navas
Phone: +34 606 24 60 77
Working hours:

Beginning in November, the cost of 35 € per week

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