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Chain of vegetarian restaurants Vegetalia is a win-win option for a healthy and tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner. Now there are three restaurants in Barcelona with the same meal options and excellent lunch menu. There is also all vegetarian brunch menu.

One of the restaurants is located in Bourne, Raval second and third quarter of the Gothic. All vegetables and salads prepared from products, which the owners of the restaurant are grown themselves about Montserrat mountains. Vegetalia restaurants processed vegetable garden only ecological methods, without chemicals and pesticides.

In the menu of the day there are always several options for salads and soups, on the hot vegetable dishes, cereals or pasta. Besides the two dishes at the cost of complex included dinner drink, bread and dessert, this meal will set you back € 11,40.

Be sure to try the local veggie burgers, very juicy and delicious, they are made from tofu, lentils, mushroom, Seitan or tempeh. The menu also includes pizza different views, lasagna, risotto and Mexican cuisine. There are vegan and gluten-free options. For dessert pick a delicious homemade cake. The prices vary from 6 to 10 €, all restaurants have outdoor terrace.

Average check: €€
Address: Escudellers 54, Plaza Emili Vendrell 1, Plaza Fossar de les Moreres
Metro station: Drassanes, Jaume I, Sant Antoni
Phone: +34 93 317 3331
Working hours:

Every day from 11 a.m. until midnight

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