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In the colorful Raval district of Barcelona is known for a chip restaurant, whose name translates as "Tasty Chicken", and in Spanish sounds like Pollo Rico. This legendary restaurant is not for glamor boys or those who are afraid of excess cholesterol, but for the budget traveler who wants money for minimal sample typical local food.

restaurant more 20 years, there is no stylish design and vayf, but the grilled chicken is considered the best in town. Once inside, you will see the bar full of colorful characters, boldly go and climb to the second floor, where you probably waiting for a free table. Service fast and quality, there is a menu in English, and weekday set lunch of two courses and dessert.

Try artichokes, eggplant tempura, grilled green peppers, do not forget to dip in garlic mayonnaise baguette "ali-oli". They serve salads, soups and potato omelets, all the portions are huge, recipes Simple and delicious, and the prices for a dish in the area 4-6 €. At Celebrity Hot chicken grill with salad or fries, rabbit grilled meatballs, steaks, homemade sausages with beans, but also very cheap and delicious paella. Paella with chicken and vegetables is worth 12 € per person and seafood 15 €. If the three of you - feel free to order a paella for two, it accurately enough for all.

From the sea to the menu using shallow frying, crumbs octopus, cuttlefish grilled, fried or stewed fish of different varieties. For example, grilled tuna with salad and potatoes are worth 6 €. Local house wine drinking, diluting sweet pop, but there is a good bottle of dark beer «Estrella Galicia», and sangria at this restaurant make so strong that it is better not to risk it, do not forget that the stairs steep and Raval is full of surprises. Advice - be careful walking along Raval, watch bags, phones, cameras and purses, do not leave unattended, and wads of cash and expensive jewelry, going here, it is better to leave the hotel.

Be prepared that the Pollo Rico next to you will dine builders, policemen, thieves, punks and hippies. The average bill will not exceed € 20 per person, no matter how you rolled feast.

Average check:
Address: Carrer Sant Pau, 31
Metro station: Liceu
Phone: +34 934 41 31 84
Working hours:

Every day from 12-00 to 00-00

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