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La cuina de la mama (Mom's Kitchen) is really more like a kitchen at home moms, than a restaurant or cafe. And we are here talking about the Argentine mother. In this tiny place in the heart of the Gothic Quarter just two small tables with checkered tablecloths and a low benches, there is bar, too "mini" format. On the surface, "My mothers" may seem not very convincing, but do not rush to pass: here is so delicious, that you will be asking for supplements, even if they were not very hungry.

The menu at the "mother" the most delicious Argentinean cuisine. Separately we recommend Sorrentino (Argentinean ravioli) with pesto sauce, kaneloni vegetable sauce with mushrooms and meat lasagna with Rikota, spinach, jamon and cheese. Be sure to leave room for dessert: apple pie is one of the best.

And finally, best of all: food expensive 4 € menu La cuina de la mama you just will not find.

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Average check:
Address: Gignas, 13
Metro station: Jaume I
Working hours: daily from 9: 00 to 23:30

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