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In one and a half hours drive from Barcelona, ​​is a beautiful area with a lot of volcanic Garrotxa. It is the largest volcanic zone of the Iberian Peninsula. Some of the most "young" local volcanoes are considered active and can not exclude the possibility of their awakening.

Previously, to protect against possible eruption near volcanoes or craters themselves built chapels and churches. On some of them you can see now. Olive fruit groves and on the slopes of volcanoes replaced perennial pines and thickets sessile oak and alder. Particularly impressive Fazheda de Jorda - beech forest, which grew on the red soil and volcanic lava croscat. This forest is filled with orange glow at sunset, ideal for walks on horseback.

We offer a full-day excursion, which includes breakfast on Barcelona's Boqueria market, after which we will go to get acquainted with the Catalan nature and its beauty, on the way visit several authentic medieval towns, such as, Pals, Besalú, Peratallada or Castellfolit de la Roca.

We arrive at the stables and get acquainted with its employees and will select the most suitable horse for you. Small briefing and we are ready to enjoy horseback riding surrounded by beautiful species. Our route will pass through several volcanoes along the forest trails and mountain paths. It proved that communication with horses has beneficial effects on mood, relaxes and energizes the positive. If you have no experience riding, do not worry, just manage the local horses and nice.

After an hour's walk we are waiting for lunch in a typical rustic restaurant "Masia", where you try Catalan delicacies and local wines. After lunch we take a walk a little more and go back to Barcelona.

This event is ideal for families with older children 8 years. Cost of the tour on 200 EUR 4 guests.

Phone: +34 675 323 976
Working hours:

Book tour in advance by phone or email

cost: 200 €

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