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If you are tired of the monotonous flavors of commercial spirits and want to create your own unique fragrance, then you must visit Moss Olfactory. A young couple from the Czech Republic moved to Barcelona, to realize his dream - to open a laboratory perfume, which creates unique flavors based on natural oils. Moss Olfactory - this is the place, where the magic is happening, here collected a great range of flavors, extracts from natural oils, to make every visitor a unique mix.

It is only your perfume, created on the basis of individual preferences, emotional state, psihotipa, tastes and desires. Professional perfumers will help to create your own, unique flavor, that will never be massive. You will be able to watch and enjoy all the flavor of the disclosure stage, and understand, how well he "revealed" it on your skin. After all, natural perfume sounds a little different, than synthetic.

flowers, wood, berries, fruit, most unusual odors, including oil vetiver, extract from cocoa beans thin, shiitake mushrooms or black currant. The cost of creating your own personal perfume on 60 €, perfume formula is saved and if you want you can send a new specimen. This is the perfect gift and unique experience.

Bara Founder Of Moss
Average check: €€
Address: Street Mirallers, 7
Metro station: Jaume I
Phone: +34 722 828 035
Working hours:

Every day from 11 a.m. to 20-00

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