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Club La Mesa marijuana smokers in the heart of the Born in front of the French station. It has existed for several years and won a tight position as one of the city's best cannabis clubs. If you like to smoke weed quality in a pleasant environment, the association will become your second home, because everything here is aimed at the fact that you feel comfortable and cozy.

In La Mesa offers a friendly staff, comfortable sofas and best music. The stylish room is immersed in a pleasant semi-darkness, smoothly flowing conversation on multiple screens are projected frikovye most underground movies and cartoons. Important soccer games are also broadcast.

Inside the association has a bar where guests can enjoy fresh juices, desserts, tea, coffee, wine or beer. The club cooperates with several nearby restaurants, so if you get hungry, you can stay in place, you will bring any dish of your choice, including fresh oysters.

The menu varieties of marijuana there, than to pamper yourself. In La Mesa usually about 10-15 kinds of different varieties, there 100% indica and 90% sativa, and various combinations. On average, one gram costs about 8-10 €. Just remember that you want your club card, which advance at the entrance you enroll any amount. Inside the association money does not exist.

Do not forget that in order to become a member, you must bring into association a person who is already a member. You can not come just from the street, it is illegal. To obtain membership do not forget your passport, as well as their age.

Average check: €€
Address: Carrer Rec 62
Metro station: Barceloneta
Working hours: Every day from 12-00 by 00-00

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