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If you have time enough to work up through Barcelona and a little tired of the abundance of tourists, take the fast train to Sants station and through 40 minutes you will be in the city, which will win you over at first sight. Girona - a real jewel of Catalonia, beautiful city, which is famous for its history, Here is the oldest in Western Europe, the Jewish Quarter, incredibly beautiful Cathedral, The city wall, encircling the old city, as well as many parks, parks and cozy streets.

Central Station is located in Girona 15 minute walk from the city center, but we recommend to start a walk through the park of La Devesa, on whose territory grow a huge sycamore trees. If you come to Girona by car, then right in front of the park there is a large free parking, whose coordinates - latitude 41 ° 59'23.78 "C, longitude 2 ° 49'18.33 "In. Fashionable beauties recommend leaving the studs and heels at home, Girona is famous for its stone blocks and plenty of lifts, so, It is more convenient than your shoes, all the better.

After a walk in the park is to go on foot to the Old Town and visit the Cathedral of St. Mary, the entrance to which is 7 €. To him is a giant staircase of ninety degrees. It is believed, that lifting at each step ensures the forgiveness of sin.

Construction of the temple was started in the Romanesque style 11 century, continued - Gothic, and since the 17th century, the cathedral was decorated in baroque style, and today is considered one of the most beautiful monuments in Catalonia this architectural direction. Besides, nave of the cathedral, having 23 meters wide and 35 height, It is the widest in the world. Be sure to visit the Cathedral Vnuto, It is a special spirit and energy, and in the tombs patio buried zhironskaya know.

After visiting the temple we recommend a walk on the ramparts and climb to one of its towers, from where you can admire the city from a height. To get here, you need to cross the gardens Jardines de la Muralla, in the depths of which you will see the rise of the tower next to the ruins of an ancient fortress.

Having made such a long and informative tour, you'll want to take a break and have a snack. In Girona a lot of nice cafes and restaurants. Author's cuisine, Catalan, Spanish, fast foods and bakery with amazing desserts. Girona is the world's best restaurant 2013 of the year El Celler de Can Roca. Most of these institutions are located in the old city and the central square of Plaza de la Independencia. Recommended restaurants Casa Marieta, La Poma, occi, Bubbles Gastrobar, Charlemagne (El Pati Verd) i mišlenovskie Not and Massana, much better to book a table in advance.

After a delicious dinner, you can continue acquaintance to Girona, He lost in a stone labyrinth of the Jewish quarter. Here are preserved the narrow streets of medieval buildings, a maximum width of 1 meter. Carrer Força Street was the center of Jewish life 12 by 15 century. On this street at number 8 in the old synagogue is a museum, dedicated to the history of the Jewish community. Entrance to it is 4 €. Be sure to walk down the alley and the street Sant Lorenç Carrer Escola Pia. Currently, the Jewish Quarter is considered to be prestigious area, here settles local elite, open fashion boutiques, restaurants and art galleries.

Building Arabic baths, built in 12 century in the Romanesque style - another place, is worth seeing while visiting Girona. The name it received because of the appearance and use of certain architectural elements, characteristic of the Arab baths, but in fact it is built was after, as the Arabs were expelled from the city. Building, destroyed by the French in 13 century, and later restored and transferred to the Capuchin monastery, It has two halls: kaldarium (hot bath with mosaic floor) and the frigidarium (cold room with pool). Bani is located at Ferran el Catolic Sarrer, Entrance is here 2 €.

If you come to Girona by car, make restaurant reservations Moli for dinner. Just half an hour from the city towards Figueres, this place will win you a variety of delicious food and wine. There is another wonderful place surrounded by nature not far from Girona, a restaurant but Palau, in which a 13-00 to 16-00 you can sample the excellent set lunch with wine for just 12 €.

How to get to Girona: By train from Barcelona Sants station, see schedule here. Tickets on the fast train to Girona is about 15 € one way. By car, take the road for about an hour on the toll road AP7.

Excursions in Girona

We offer private tours to Girona by car with English speaking guide and driver. We will pick you up from your hotel or apartment in the morning and off to explore this beautiful city. After a walk around Girona follows lunch in a traditional restaurant just outside the city. In the afternoon we will visit the nearby medieval villages. Cost of the tour for the whole day for a group of 2 to 4 human - 200 €.

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