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The most atmospheric and photogenic village in the south of Catalonia is located in the center of the wine region priory. Miniature Siurana is situated on the cliffs at a height 700 m. The full name of this settlement Siurana de Prades. From Barcelona by car to come here exactly two o'clock. On entering the village you will meet the ruins of an ancient fortress, which we have built the Moors. Before it is necessary to leave the car at the outdoor parking, to pay for parking 2 €, and then go for a walk on foot. On the territory of the village is the Romanesque church of the XII century, several hotels and restaurants, cobbled stone streets and medieval buildings are still standing to this day. From the height of a settlement with a spectacular view.

Any kind of here is the eye candy, and if you are fond of climbing, then your service is laid about 1300 routes. Luxury sunrises and sunsets, walking, rides on mountain bikes, Catalan typical dishes and, of course, one of Spain's most delicious wines, flavored Priory.

Restaurant, visit to the village of the same name Restaurante Siurana. But for an overnight stay recommend casa rural Moli del Pont, here Rooms for rent in the old mill building.

Address: Siurana de Prades
Phone: +34675323976
Working hours:

Book with us for a full day excursion to the wine edge Priory

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