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Recently, in Barcelona's Sant Antoni opened gallery custom art Hell Gallery. On the walls of the small room was blazing creativity and burn in the fires of hell, all commercial sales performers that you are here, of course, will not find. Только настоящее искусство, только хардкор! Как и следует из названия галереи, здесь вас ожидает много нуара, треша и прочей дарковой красоты.

In addition to the union with an underground modern art in the gallery you can buy the latest techno vinyls and other modern music, such as the last plate Joachim Spieth'a.

Expose usually in Hell Gallery one artist every two months. This summer, there hung a fun tandem work Miroir Noir, amateur drug Michele Guidarini subject and the end of September is expected to show a Spanish poet, illustrator Riot Über Alles'a. At the opening of the exhibitions are always noisy, fun and drunk as an informal get-together in Barcelona loves to such places.

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Address: Ash Street 8
Metro station: San Antoni
Phone: +34 930 230 781
Working hours:

Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 21-00

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San Antoni

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