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Although the maritime climate and clean air, while in Barcelona, willy-nilly start thinking about emergency recovery of the body over the weekend natusovavshegosya. Or you simply become a fan of a healthy diet due to accessibility of fresh and healthy products and variety of all kinds of detox facilities. New cafe Mother - is a dedicated supporter of the healthy way of life. In it´s menu you will find a wide range of cold-pressed juices, full of vitamins, and plenty of other healthy treats.

The restaurant mainly specializes in preparing natural cold pressed juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. Basically, of course, vegetables, and always cold pressed - so it turns out the most useful. The traditional methods of preparing fresh juices are used high temperatures, which kill some nutrients. That´s why all the fans of clean eating prefer their juices cold-pressed. В Mother, among other things, use only eco ingredients and as a result are very tasty juices and Milk-neck, rolls over on the utility level. Here you can also try "vitamin shots" made of concentrated fruit of vegetable juice.

The Mother can not only health drink mixes, but also to eat: eco salads, Dessert, delicious breakfasts and even useful pastries and chocolate. And if you decide to approach the matter thoroughly and take the detox diet, Here you will pick up a special program and a menu. Basically, of juice, of course.

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Average check: €€
Address: C / Joaquin Costa, 26
Metro station: Sant Antoni, Universitat
Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 20:30

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