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Sheep Таверна black ( "Black sheep") - a typical noisy Spanish bar, completely occupied by foreign tourists and students. Local do not like it, but they are still too continue to drop in here. Oveja Negra barselontsev to have the whole story! Here huge pitchers of beer, delicious sangria and rum and Coke. always fun, piano and crowded.

If you are in Barcelona, by tasting sangria you just can not get away. But do not rush to get a prosizhennyh terraces Rambla, ordering "the famous Spanish drink". Walk just one step away from taverns Oveja Negra and try this sangria, cooked according to classic recipes with the right ingredients. That is why, despite the crowd of happy tourists, here continue to go local. One and a half liter of sangria for 10 €. Beer, rum-cola, gin and tonics and jacks here, too, flow like water. For international dating to universal access to the club Oveja Negra - the perfect place. In addition, clubs everything is close.

Average check: €€
Address: From / Sitges, 5
Metro station: Catalonia
Working hours: The bar is open from Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 3 night, and on Saturday and Sunday 5 pm to 3 night.

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