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Taking a walk around Barcelona, ​​often feel the aroma of marijuana. He was surprised to here except tourists. According to statistics, in Spain smoked marijuana daily about 940.000 guests. Weeds in Barcelona scored young and old. Someone to relax, someone says it helps him to think creatively, someone has not commented on his habit - "I smoke because smoke". Society and cannabis in Spain for a long time and is closely friendly. Free country - loose morals - available drugs.

In Spain, the law is not too hard on lovers of marijuana. You can sit at the balcony three bush per person and no problems, you will not. It is this loophole in the law that can be grown marijuana for his personal use, launched a new phenomenon. For several years in Barcelona working successfully legal association of smokers who also called cannabis clubs. Their members pay an annual fee of 20-30 €, to cover the costs of production of the product, which they consume. That is, it is such a huge total plantation of marijuana, the right to which all are members of the club. According to Spanish media, in the past two or three years in Spain, opened about 700 similar institutions, and half of them are in the Catalan capital. After Amsterdam, Barcelona is second in popularity among the cannabis tourists.

Associations are non-profit organizations whose purpose is not profit. This is a private club for their "own". From the street, the association is not there, you must bring one of the members of this club. Once you become a club member, you can give to new people, in turn,. They must be over 18 years. To get to the club you need to carry your passport and a card club, otherwise you will not be allowed.

Association in Spain are responsible for the quality control of manufactured product. Here you will find the menu - each association offers different varieties of indica, sativa, various hybrids and varieties of their own. In addition to different varieties of marijuana in the menu is usually several kinds of hashish and even oil from cannabis, the so-called «wax». The average price of one gram of 6 to 15 € depending on the product quality and the complexity of its production.

The founders of these clubs in their calls usually make positive bias on the part of marijuana, omitting the history of neuronal loss and general lethargy kuriteley with experience. In their ranks say about marijuana use during sleep disorders, nerves, headaches, depression. Supporters of the cannabis movement also put emphasis on the fact that smoking marijuana does not cause aggression, unlike alcohol. It is unlikely that you will ever see, as the two men fighting, smoke a bong.

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