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From tomorrow evening for all residents and visitors of Barcelona will be able to teleport to Austria, or rather on the Viennese Ringstraße. Come enjoy a multimedia show, which will be projected inside and outside the huge semi inflatable sphere with a diameter 22 meters and a height 20 meters, which is installed to the left of the shopping center Maremagnum in the Old Port of Barcelona's Port Vell.

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Each show lasts 15 minutes, all the organizers have prepared three different performances. Login to view completely free. Date of the event with 19 to 21 Martha. In any of these days 12-00 to 18-00 You can walk around the center of Vienna with the help of special glasses and the Kinect sensor. And in the evening with 19-00 to 22-00 will be designed 3D show. Место проведения - Port Vell, Moll wood.

Journal 2015 Overlooking The Ringstrasse with Parliament and Palais Epstein 19to1

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