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Near Barcelona, ​​in the town of La Roca del Valles, the opening of the water resort for dogs Canino Can Jane. It is the world's first water park for dogs. The resort is located in 30 minutes from Barcelona.

site water park

There is a huge pool area 308 square meters with a smooth entry into the water. Also located on site are hotel rooms of varying comfort.

It is noted that the water purification system in a pool, designed specifically for the Can Jane, is an effective and reliable.

The cost of staying at the hotel from 15 euro up 45 €. There is even a dog penthouse.

Creator water park Federico Cano said that the idea to create Canino Can Jane came to him one day when he saw a pool in which the dog swam on a par with men.

Rest on the water positive effect on animals - after bathing, they sleep better and become calmer. The little dog just love it!

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