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Barcelona, ​​along with Paris, Milan and other fashion capitals of the world, a paradise for shopaholics. Especially for those who want to buy more, and spend - smaller. The best time to attack Barcelona's shops, of course, during sales. Discounts begin with 20-50%, but in the last weeks of reach 70% or even more. FROM 1 of July in the Catalan capital city started summer sales!

Barcelona is teeming with all kinds of shops, shopping centers, boutiques and showrooms. But if you are looking for something interesting and want to be like everyone, we advise you to several places worth visiting in search of new things:


"Boo" in spite of its small size, boasts an impeccable selection of exclusive brands from around the world that are rarely seen on the passers-by. Along with the classic shirts and parks Saint James, sweatshirts Penfield and collections of Portuguese La Paz where you can find a cute dress from Anna Studio and jackets Bleu de Paname. Also here brought t-shirts with fun prints by Ukrainian designers.

Адрес: Bonavista, 2

Madame Pum Pum

Here assembled an amazing collection for fans, both male and female style casual chic. "Madame Pum Pum" prefer European brands such as Dr. Denim, Twist and Tango и Samsoe Samsoe. But together you can find creations by local designers with them: original bag Mia and airy skirt Maians.

Адрес: Bonavista, 16


To get dressed in the French style of Sessùn and Petits Hauts, or in the style of a Danish Ganni, come to the "Duke". In addition, live here Jeans April 77, Hawaiian shirts Paradise Found, shoes and sandals Dolfie Sven Clogs. The "Duke" you can dress for any occasion, from a formal reception to a hike in the gym.

Адрес: Duc de la Victoria 12

with folded arms

"Dekap" - is a completely charming place with stone walls, wooden beams and antique furniture. And in order to restore the alluring spirit of the past, where the main character was a wardrobe headdress. This is a collection of truly amazing collection of all sorts of men's and women's hats, hats, hats and caps from brands such as Goorin, Bailey and Brixton. Dimensions have everything, come!

Адрес: Ferlandina, 61


Shop "Doshaburi" is required to visit for all lovers of avant-garde fashion and international brands. It was opened in 2004 Japanese experts, the fashion trends. Here you will find your favorite Comme des Garçons, Jeremy Scott, Kai-Aakmann, The Orphan's Arms, Peter Jensen and Daniel Palillo.

Адрес: Lledó 4-6

The Box

"The Box" - is the brainchild of three visual artists fashion: Nerea Lurgain, Elena Gallego and Olga Prat. Here they present their collections and invite other independent Spanish designers. Bright colors, unusual shapes and unique model - all this you will find in "The Box".

Адрес: Brosolí, 8

the Mercader

One glance at the window of "La Mercader" is enough to understand - here come for the exclusive. The owners specialize mainly on French designs such as MC by Malene Birger, Laurence Dolingé and Fine Collection. There are also Italian Ottod'ame and several local fashion creators.

Адрес: Stone Cross, 20

Have a good shopping!


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