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Vila Viniteca this legendary institution in the Born quarter, which is a 1932 He has been engaged in the sale, import and export of wines. There are more than 7500 Wine names, which include varieties produced by the most prestigious wine producers of Spanish and world level.

Vila Viniteca organizes wine tastings, promoting wine culture among the general public. It hosts wine-tasting sessions for beginners, wine tasting specific region, dining with a combination of different wines - all under the guidance of professional oenologists and winemakers.

Food store next to the vinotheque is one of Barcelona's best places to buy delicacies and tasting more 350 different varieties of cheese handmade from around the world, jamon Iberico highest quality of olive oil and unique canned. Tasting can start right in the store, occupies one of the tables, you narezhut any cheese, ham, bread that you dip in fragrant olive oil, served slices of local tomatoes with mozzarella, poured a glass of wine, and, believe me, it will be a total gastronomic happiness. All Barcelona gourmets know and appreciate this place.

Address: Agullers 9 (Гастрономия и вино) или Agullers 7 (Wine only)
Metro station: Jaume I, Barceloneta
Phone: +34 933 101 956
Working hours:

Monday to Saturday from 8-30 to 20-30

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