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Sasha Bar 1968 is a new restaurant with a terrace in the heart of Poble Sec. This charismatic establishment for a year brings a sensation among the party Barcelona. In general, it is worth noting that after the districts of Sant Antoni and Poble Nou began to gain momentum and Poble Sec, which actively began to open trendy cafes, bars and restaurants. Now, after a walk on the Montjuic can smoothly land in one of these establishments to quench their thirst, hunger and communication.

The name of the bar is the pet name and year of birth of the host mother. This strong woman born in 1968 Solnechnogorsk year and whole life fighting for the welfare of your family, do not forget to give them love and tenderness. Son Leo proved to his mother that her advice about how important it is to go to his dream, it is made in full. Restaurant, named in her honor, became the brightest star in the firmament of Barcelona's restaurants.

The first thing that surprised pleasantly, "Sasha bar" is its size, this spacious room with high ceilings and a large terrace. You can find a nook for intimate conversation or a romantic dinner. The restaurant's interior is immersed in a pleasant semi-darkness, it is decorated in the style of total eclecticism, military posters, along with a beautiful vintage furniture and small items in the style of kitsch.

Creative menu will please fans of raw fish dishes, meat eaters and sweet tooth. Do not miss the local tartar of tuna, ceviche of wild seabass burger with roast beef, foie gras with marmalade inzhirovym, nachos with dried tomatoes and truffle cheese. For dessert, indulge in white chocolate mousse with passion fruit sauce. Just good local tiramisu with mascarpone and crispy.

In Sasha bar wide selection of crafting beers, wines and cocktails copyright. Many come here for dinner and stay up late at night, listening to soft music and tasting the cocktail menu, the star which the beverage based on orange juice, liqueur Saint Germain, lemon juice, vodka and quite a bit of sugar.

Of special mention is the quality of local gin and tonics and the fact that during the day on Sundays youth comes here to delicious snacks from vermouth.

Cost of meals 9 to 13 on average €, cocktails 7 €.

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Average check: €€
Address: Street Margarit, 18
Metro station: Poble Sec
Phone: +34 935 293 488
Working hours: From Monday to Thursday 18-00 to 1-30. On Fridays and Saturdays 18-00 to 2-30 night, on Sundays from 14-00 to 00-00

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