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In Barcelona, ​​a bit hard to find free parking for your car. With parking in the city is not just. If you are willing to spend money, then no problems. There are many underground paid parking, where parking will cost about the day 20-30 €, and the hour will cost about 2,5 €. Places of parking is almost always. Parking denoted Latin letter P. If the box around the letters light green or green says "lliure" or "libre" - places to eat. Do not lose kvitochek that you are given at the barrier at the exit of the parking lot, with it then will need to pay for parking through automatic or just give it to the employee parking. Remember the place where they left the car, so you do not waste time wandering around the parking lot.

Есть недорогой паркинг около вокзала Station North по адресу Ali Bei Street, 54, On him 24 hour parking cost 18 €, but hourly price 2,85 €. There is another parking lot nearby Sants station, where you can leave your car for about € 7, if the period of more than three days. It is necessary to advance the application for leave them website. It is perfect to leave the car in the long term.

If you want to park for free on the beach near the metro Selva de Mar has a large playground right in front of the sea. On the mountain of Montjuïc and in the metro area Zona Universitaria too easy to leave your car for free. Just do not throw it for a long time, not more than a couple or three days, and be sure to take away everything of value, otherwise you may have trouble.

In shopping centers and hypermarkets can always leave your car for free for a few hours. How long you can park without spending a penny, in La Maquinista shopping center in San Andreu district or near IKEA store near Metro Hospital de Bellvitge.

At night (with 20-00 to 8-00 am) and weekends on holidays (Saturday from 14-00 and fully Sunday, plus holidays "festivos") can be free to leave the car in the city on the blue and yellow markings, the so-called zone of «Carga y Descarga», that day used trucks and trucks to unload goods in shops and restaurants. The rest of the time to put on the yellow markings prohibited. Typically, each yellow marking is a sign, which reads, when

Blue markings other than the above time - paid. It can be used by all. Hourly pay through special machines that are on the side of the road. Kvitochek payment for the car you need to put the glass on the front panel to passing police officer saw that you have paid all right and did not go beyond the scope of paid time. Otherwise, you will be fined.

You should always pay hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 14-00, and 16-00 to 21-00. On Saturday 9 a.m. to 14-00. At other times, parking is free in the blue zone.

In August, most of the blue parking zones free. But some gray area in the center of Barcelona continue to be paid even in August. The easiest way to check - to see whether there is paper on payment of neighboring windows machines.

Green marking only for the residents, she paid, non-residents can park it on a maximum of two hours, paying for two hours through the apparatus on the sidelines. There is one bonus - the tourists can stand on it for free throughout August. Because in August, most of the locals go on vacation.

If your car at Barcelona was evacuated to a fine park, visit here. Enter the number of the car in the center of the page and automatic confirmation code. At the bottom of the window will appear, which will indicate, on what kind of parking your car and how much you have to pay. One fine day parking costs 150 €, sometimes 200 €. Even if your car stood there for an hour, you will have to pay an amount per day. Carefully read what is written on the signs around the sidewalks and do not place a place for people with disabilities, be careful and attentive, and you can avoid unnecessary problems and expenses during the holidays.

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Working hours: Underground car parks in Barcelona working 24 o'clock

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