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Barcelona often and deservedly called the city of design. Here you can get a quality education in this area, opened a lot of companies that are engaged in the design, simply take a stroll around Barcelona, ​​to notice how good and thoughtful urban design of the city. Everything from the benches, tiles sidewalks, streetlights, ending parking for bicycles, made with a design approach. City, despite the abundance of old buildings and centuries-old history, looks bright, fresh and modern.

Recently in Barcelona opened its doors Design Museum. It is an ultra-modern building at Glories square, was built taking into account the savings of electricity, there are two levels - a huge underground space and the part that is visible from the street. It collected more 70.000 exhibits. The main concept of the museum is based on the slogan "From decorative arts to design," is a museum dedicated to the culture of the objects of the XXI century, most often here studied everyday environment objects environment, their design, history, manufacturing process, use and distribution, as well as their aesthetic and functional fitness.

Among the exhibits of the museum a lot of interior fabrics, typographical products, clothes. On the second floor of the museum is a permanent exhibition, which displays a collection of decorative and applied arts and crafts Copyright (III-XX centuries). This exhibition offers a chronological path from III to the twentieth century, various collections of ceramics, textiles, furniture, glass, miniatures, clocks and other decor items.

On the third floor is another permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of clothing, starting with the dresses 1550 year and up to the present day. This is how over the centuries clothing affects the human silhouette, pulling, lengthening, or reducing the opening parts of the body.

The fourth floor of the museum will attract graphic designers. Here, an exhibition, which brought together a large collection of the late nineteenth century to the present, studies the history of graphic design and the evolution of the profession is now so fashionable. This exhibition is constantly updated with new exhibits, thanks to donations from various individuals and organizations.

RGB RED Stockholm 07
Address: Plaza de las Glories, 37
Metro station: Glories
Phone: +34 93 256 68 00
Working hours: The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 20-00. Free museum is open on Sundays from 15-00 to 20-00 and all day every first Sunday of the month
entrance fee: 6 €. €

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