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Barcelona is a city, where every morning happen stunning sunrises, the sun slowly comes up from the sea depths, filling the first rays of the beach and the house on the first line, playing highlights on the hotel building W and disperse to their homes sat up clubbers. We recommend that somehow wake up early or stay up at all, and half an hour before sunrise to go to any beach in Barcelona, to relive that magical moment of awakening and absorb the clean energy and freshness of early morning.

But if you're not one of those, who can easily get up before dawn, examine the list of places, where you can admire the Barcelona sunsets. The sun in Barcelona to get behind the Tibidabo Mountain, but despite this, There are many spots and areas, which offers a beautiful view and have the opportunity to spend a pleasant evening, admiring the sunset.

If your choice was not a cafe or terrace with bar, and in an open area outdoors, We advise you to take Pare, column with music, stock up on snacks, beverages and arrange pick-nick peace with your friends. Budget, fun and very nice.

List of best places, where worth watching sunsets in Barcelona:

Bunker del Carmel Calle Maria Labernia,
forest Tibidabo Plaza Tibidabo, 3
Las Arenas Shopping Centre Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 373-385

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