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The easiest option, to drive from Barcelona airport to the city center, This blue bus Aerobus, which takes you half an hour to Catalonia Square (Plaza Catalunya), it is the final stop of his route. It can also be reached from the airport. The ticket costs 5,90 € Euros one way or 10,20 € back and forth. You can buy a ticket for Online Aerobus or directly on the bus from the driver, Pay with a maximum but the twenty, the driver may not change from larger bills.

The bus runs 365 days with 5-00 morning until the morning.

At the airport in Terminal 1 find the stop "Airbus" is very simple - it is on the ground floor, ibid, where a taxi. The Terminal 2 they are stopped on the street in front. Just follow the signs - BUS and Taxi. And on the Plaza Catalunya, these buses stop right in front of the multi-storey store El Corte Inglés.

Buses are two types: A1 - go to Terminal 1, A2 - is in terminal 2.


The Terminal 1 from Plaza Catalunya

FROM 05-00 a.m. to 06-40 every morning 10 minutes

FROM 06-50 a.m. to 21-45 every evening 5 minutes

From 21-50 pm to 00-30 every night 10 minutes

From Terminal 1 Prat airport to Plaça Catalunya

From 06-10 to 07-10 every morning 10 minutes

From 07-30 to 22-20 every 5 minutes

From 22-25 to 01-05 every night 10 minutes

The Terminal 2 from Plaza Catalunya

From 05-30 to 06-50 every 20 minutes

From 06-50 to 22-20 every 10 minutes

From 22-20 to 00-30 every 20 minutes

From Terminal 2 Prat airport to Plaça Catalunya

From 06-00 to 07-00 every 20 minutes

From 07-00 to 23-00 every 10 minutes

From 23-00 to 01-00 every 20 minutes

In the city you can take the Aerobus not only on Plaza Catalunya Square, но и на Plaza Spain Sepulveda и на улице около метро Urgell.

Make click at each stop, to see the exact location stop. A detailed map of all the stops here.

If you have more 4 guests, easier to take taxi. It will cost an average 25-30 € from the city center to the airport. At the airport, a taxi is always there in large quantities. Late at night, the cost will be more expensive. The ride will be over the counter. Order a taxi by phone +34 933 033 033.

Write us and we will arrange for you transfer with English speaking driver from the airport to your hotel and back. You will be met in the arrivals hall with a sign. from 40 € one way. There are vans and buses for large groups. If necessary, it is applied destkaya chair.

If you want to maximize cheap access to Barcelona Airport, You can sit on train R2, which departs from Terminal 2. Between the two terminals is constantly free shuttle buses, They stop near the Aerobasa. Approximately 15 minute drive from one terminal to another. On the train you reach for 20 minutes to Barcelona Sants station, where you can transfer to the subway or another train to Plaza Catalunya. Trains run every half an hour, beginning with 5-40 in the morning and the last departs at 23-38.

From Sants train station to the airport can be reached 5-13 a.m. to 23-14. A single ticket costs € 2.15, but if you are going to continue using the Barcelona metro, We advise to buy T-10 card, it costs 9,95 € and includes 10 travel by subway, bus or tram in Barcelona. Several people can use the same card.

ticket T 10 (ATM Barcelona area) .svg
Phone: +34 675 323 976 Transfers
Working hours: From 5-30 morning until the morning

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