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Two weeks later, opens to the public the first private project of Gaudi "Casa Vicens". Few people know that this house, located in the Gracia district, not The stone or Casa Batllo, It marked the beginning of a young architect Antonio Gaudi successful career.

Casa Vicens - the first major project Antonio Gaudi, which was built back in those days, when the Gracia district of Barcelona was not, and separate settlements outside the city. Vicens family summer residence of Antoni Gaudi was built in the years 1883-1885, and was the first major order of the architect after graduating from the School of Architecture in Barcelona.

For this attraction is often called "the house that started it all". The building was conceived as a kind of advertising products Vicenç Manuel, the customer home and the local manufacturer of ceramic tiles. It is believed that this building marked the advent of a new period of its architecture in Spain - Catalan modernism (modernismo catalán).

Early Gaudi - a clear predominance of straight lines over the curved structural simplicity of the architecture and the dominant influence of Orientalism. Moorish style, the so-called "Mudejar" was then in vogue. In the works of Gaudí, he reached the highest expressiveness and purity. A huge number of decorative details inside and outside of the house is transferred to the bohemian era smoking room and living for the sake of pleasure.

Vicenç Manuel widow sold the house to big businessman in the future, the building belonged to his heirs, passing from generation to generation. In our 2007 House put up for sale, Modernism pearls price hit imagination - all 35 million euros. The buyer was a bank of Andorra Morabanc, engaged in the restoration of the house and that's very soon opens it to all who want to get an aesthetic pleasure.

The ticket costs 16 € and you can buy HERE

Visit Casa Vicens
Address: Street Carolinas, 18-24
Metro station: Fontana
Phone: +34 93 547 59 80
Working hours:

Every day from 10 a.m. to 20-00, last tour 19-30

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