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For us, the word primarily means WOK deep frying pan Asian noodles with vegetables. In WOK Barcelona - it is also a Chinese restaurant with buffet.

You pay a certain amount and type a full plate of goodies. How many times. Here, an unlimited number of approaches. Eat at least until the blade. Please note that beverages are not included, one jar of Coke or a beer will cost about 2,5 €.

The average price of unlimited approaches about 10-15 €. In the evening and on weekends about 13 €, and at lunchtime on weekdays always below about 9 €. Most often schedule these restaurants 13-00 to 16-00 at lunch and in the evening with 20-30 to 23-00.

Ideal for going to a restaurant WOK- it if you walked all day, and horrible, just fucking hungry. Go to the restaurant WOK with a sense of easy hunger does not make sense, do not justify their own capabilities. It is better to come, being hungry like a wolf.

Here your choice offers many different dishes. Sea sorts of snacks, fried noodles and rice of various kinds, Dumpling, sushi, salads, baked eggplant, sausages and kebabs, seaweed, clams, crabs, prawns, some restaurants even fresh oysters. We tried them myself, they really were fresh. The abundance of seafood is very happy, especially for such a small sum.

You can select the raw chops, chicken, fish or seafood steaks, put on a plate and put the right way, in raw form, on grill rack. Skilful Chinese fry for a few minutes of your dishes. Choose to taste the sauce and ... Holiday belly is guaranteed!

Wok Yutaka

WOK (Chinese Buffet) on the map

Ресторан Wok Barcelona

Ресторан Wok Barcelona

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Ресторан Wok Arc de Triomph

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Ресторан Wok Dao

Ресторан Wok Dao

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