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This Saturday the festival of street food EAT STREET invites all gluttons for the event, where once again it is proven that the concept of "street food" - is not necessarily fat and harmful fast food.

At this time the stalls and vans EAT STREET festival will open in the underground place called Nau Bostik and is located in Sant Andreu. Previously, there was an abandoned factory, which was recently transformed into a cultural center area 5000 m2. Around railway tracks, industrial and not Barcelona, ​​but rather the atmosphere of Berlin.

At the festival, you can try all sorts of goodies in the creative street fast food format is not more expensive 5 € per plate. The gastronomic festival line-up serves Vietnamese, Peruvian, Mexican and of course Spanish cuisine, including delicacies from the Basque Country and Asturias. Lots of options for vegetarians. As for drinks, delicious coffee, wine, beer and crafting various juices and neck of organic fruit. Come early and advance work up an appetite.

Location: Ferran street tour, 11, метро Sagrera

Time spending: from 12: 00 to 23:00

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