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Next Saturday, 26 July on the area of ​​the old University of Barcelona will host the annual Art Festival Open Air Festival. The program of open-Air Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Vork-shops of Barcelona's designers, flea market with all sorts of vintage charms, concerts, electronic music, refreshing cocktails, snacks and the cream of art subculture Barcelona.

Gallery of Modern Art Mutuo third consecutive year arranges this wonderful festival, open-air combining all the components of fun summer party, music, fashion, design and art. Playgrounds Open Air Festival will be a few, but all - in the vicinity of the historic buildings on the University of Barcelona Universitat Square. The festival program is extensive and super interesting, so that there is quite possible to hang on all day until closing 22:00. Home in 12:00. the entrance is free.

Площадки Open Air Festival:

- Концерты (Diputación Gardens)

- DJs (Claustro de Matemáticas)

- Воркшопы (Aribau Gardens)

- Exhibitions of Contemporary Art (Claustro de Filologia)

- Designers Stands (Claustro de Filologia)

– Гастрономический рай (Patio Central)

The building of the University of Barcelona is located next to the metro Universitat.

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