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This Saturday, 11 of October, we go out to eat in Barcelona among fashionistas. street food festival EAT STREET FESTIVAL reassembles the best chefs in Barcelona to once again prove that the food on the street - this is not necessarily fat and harmful fast food. The gastronomic festival line-up favorite Barcelona bars and restaurants with Mediterranean, Eastern, Latin American, Asian and even South African cuisine.

At this time, EAT STREET FESTIVAL will open its delicious larechki and vans near the famous Agbar tower, which by its shape resembles someone cucumber, eggplant someone, and someone and not a vegetable. Glòries area, on which stands the tower, has repeatedly attracted the attention of the organizers of the various festivals and other public events. Here goes the Barcelona Fashion Week, flea markets, exhibitions, concerts, and now no less stylish food festival last time EAT STREET.

At the festival, you can try all sorts of goodies Barcelona's best cafes and restaurants, all in a convenient format street fast food and not expensive 5 € per plate. На запивку - Moritz пиво и Barcino, вермут Morro Fí и лимонад man. Come naturally hungry and fun!

Participants of the festival

Scene: Plaza de las Glories

Time spending: from 12: 00 to 23:00


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