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This Sunday, 21 September, Plaza del Mar on the beach of Barceloneta will be the epicenter of fashionable life in Barcelona - one of the brightest European flea markets Lost & Found Market opens its ranks. Vintage, designer clothing, vinyl, mountain fashionable glasses, wardrobes friends, great DJs, cocktails, delicious food, many fashionistas, hipsters and gay clubbers. And next to the sea, the beach and even in summer the scorching sun!

Market "Loss and Found" - not just a boring series of shelves with all contents suburban pantries for "un evro", where only with great luck you can find something really interesting. On the Lost & Found hangers full of vintage, designer clothing, accessories, interior items and even furniture. Note also the vintage records, bicycles, cameras, comics and books. Even if the outcome of the series so do not buy the length and breadth of you, time you spend here is excellent, we guarantee it. For hungry visitors there will be trailers "Mr. Frank and the butis "со знаменитыми бутифаррами и" La Cocina throbs "с мексиканскими такос, начос, кесадильей и гаукамоле. All this will be accompanied by a refreshing vermouth, mojitos and lightweight electronics from Barcelona's young DJs. For those who want to experiment with the appearance on bloshinka will work hairdresser "RV".

Well, if you decide that the vintage and avant-garde fashion with you enough - running at the beach, enjoy even in full hot sun and warm sea. A sunset - back to dancing. Better to Sunday and you can imagine!

Адрес: Plaza del Mar (beach of San Sebastian, Barceloneta)

Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 evening

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