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Tomorrow in Barcelona a special night. No beaches, bars or terraces with sunset. It is time to break into the building of the most museums, where you are always going to go, but not found at this time. Museum Night is a great opportunity to quench your cultural thirst, without spending a dime. So after dinner, enjoy a few hours of siesta, and forward - to enjoy, educate and inspire!

Your choice 80 museums, the list of which can be viewed HERE.

Football fans will be able to visit the museum free of your favorite club, connoisseurs come to the palace of Gaudi Güell, Modernism fans will be delighted by the Hospital Sant Pau. Those who are more interesting Gothic Barcelona, ​​is worth a look at the excavations of the ancient Roman settlement on the Plaza del Rei area. And who is more than a dance - come to the MNAC museum, where the main hall would swing dance and teach all comers. In the Botanical Garden will be a performance of light and shadow, which are asked to come with her flashlight.

All the museums are open from 19-00 until the morning.



MNAC - National Museum of Catalan Art Palau Nacional Parc de Montjuïc, s / n
Фонд-музей Joan Miró Montjuïc Park Avenue in Miramar
Maritime Museum Of. Drassanes s / n
European Museum of Modern Art MEAM Carrer Barra de Ferro, 5
Музей FC Barcelona C / Aristides Mallol s / n
Barcelona Museum of Design Plaza de las Glories, 37
Museum of Contemporary Art MACBA Plaza de Los Angeles, 1
Музей науки CosmoCaixa Carrer d'Isaac Newton, 26
Музей Pablo Picasso Street Moncada, 15-23
classical and contemporary art Museum Caixa Forum Of. Francesc Ferrer i Guardia, 6-8

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