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According to statistics, it is in the area of ​​Sarria best live barselontsev. It is located in an exclusive part of the city "Zona Alta", where tourists hardly get and where most of the Catalans live with incomes above average.

In the XIX century on the territory of this region were suburban mansions and summer residences of the Catalan bourgeoisie, where they went on holiday or for the summer, leaving their city apartments. The distance of five kilometers between the city center and the suburb of data at the time seemed impressive. In our 1921 Barcelona was swallowed up the area and make it a part of his, but still there remained a calm spirit is impressive villages in the middle of the bustling city and fast.

The main and the most beautiful street of this district is Carrer Mayor de Sarriá, which overlooks the contemporary market Sarriá, where you can buy fresh farm products. In the area of ​​Sarria are many beautiful buildings in the Art Nouveau style, the cozy squares, parks and of excellent restaurants. Be sure to visit the church of San Vicente in the Plaza Mayor de Sarria area. To reach here from the city center is on 15 minutes by commuter train from Plaza Catalunya (ferrocarriles catalanes).

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