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La Sagrera - a residential area of ​​Barcelona, ​​located between two major traffic arteries, streets Paseo Maragall and Avenida Meridiana. It is a quiet bedroom community with an inexpensive real estate, which is home to the middle class. In the center is the district of the same name subway station. Restaurants, bars and shops are hidden in the maze of cozy streets that resemble areas such as Clot, Gracia or Sants. Among them is a real decoration of the area, Plaza de Masadas, a place with a special charm. Other interesting attractions for tourists in the area is not.

Unfortunately or fortunately, but to 2020 , this area will change beyond recognition. Here it is one of the central building in Barcelona AVE high-speed train station. This is an important transport hub, connecting the Catalan capital with a lot of European cities.

The new station «La Sagrera» will take three underground floors, the station will be located on the surface of the three-floor shopping center. But it is not only affected by changes in station. There is an ambitious project, which involves a huge linear park with new apartment buildings and hotels. In total, will be built around 13 thousands of new homes, commercial space area 140 thousand m2 and several hotels. Pearl of the project is a large park area 42 ha. It will be called Parque del Camí Comtal and it is the largest city park. It assumes some 5 different areas, including forests, gardens, fountains and rest areas.

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