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Plaza de España is an iconic place of Barcelona and the largest area of ​​this city. This monumental space has been built up in the 20-ies of XX century before World exhibition 1929 of the year. Created ensemble became the main entrance to the mountain of Montjuic and the venue for numerous exhibitions and congresses. At the beginning of the avenue that leads through to the Singing Fountains MNAC museum, rise up the two towers, the originals of which are on the Piazza San Marco in Venice.

There is always a lot of visitors to enjoy the show singing fountains, and in this area makes its first stop of the bus going to the airport. Despite the monumental Plaza de España in Barcelona, ​​perfectly blended structure and looks very harmonious and majestically. It is the second largest area of ​​Spain, it departs from several large streets filled with bars, restaurants and shops. Sleeping areas around - the old part of Barcelona, ​​of the attractions here is the old bullring, where Arenas shopping center is now open with a terrace and a rooftop restaurant, and National Museum of Art of Catalonia MNAC.

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